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Eradur has parking coatings with a great variety of possibilities.

Degadur Traffic Parking & Ecryl Struktur is a coating system for outdoor surfaces that need to be protected against alkali penetration and pollution. Also, a flexible membrane may be needed on failing & crack prone substrates. Abrasion-resistant and a slip-resistant wear layer that is formulated to withstand rolling traffic.

Outdoor parking garages are usually subjected to wear and tear from both weather and wind, as well as abrasive traffic. Needs good slip-resistance. Commercial outdoor parkings need durable coatings such as Degadur Traffic Parking or Ecryl Struktur to meet the tough demands placed on such an environment. For outdoor parking spaces, we always recommend an Acrylate-based coating to minimize the risks of possible disturbances due to rapid weather changes.

Garage outdoor

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  • ​Degadur 430
  • Ecryl Membran

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  • Arlanda
  • HP/Canon
  • BRF Edsbacka
  • Södersjukhuset
  • Lindholmspiren

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